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We are in the notion that the post-doctorate is only for college professors. Well, this is absolutely misunderstood by the people. If anyone wants to become an expert in their field and grow in their career, then Ph.D. is definitely for them. However, this degree requires a lot of dedication, time, and intense and detailed study.

It will open up a wide range of opportunities in addition to the improved earning possibilities. Having this in mind, we will try to chalk out the total outline about Ph.D. and its benefits. It is important to pursue your doctorate degree from the top School of Research like the Texila American University (TAU). Check below for further details.

What Exactly Does a Ph.D. Degree Mean?

A Doctorate in Philosophy degree is given to those students who contribute new knowledge. They should also propose a unique thesis offering a momentous benefaction to their subject. It is the highest qualification that a person can pursue. The normal progression of a doctorate degree processes through a series of steps like:

  • Processing a current survey scholarship of the literature review in your respective field
  • Conducting your research and collecting the results
  • Representing a thesis that supports your conclusion
  • Completing the thesis and submitting it as a dissertation
  • Answering all the questions of your professors in the viva voce

However, the process may vary from universities to universities and from subjects to subjects.

What Prominence Does a Ph.D. Degree Hold?

Ph.D. improves problem-solving abilities, boosts your confidence, and helps you gain skills. Such skills will take you to high-profile jobs not only in academics but also in other sectors. It helps you explore something new and accomplish your targets in your field of interest.

What Are the Advantages of Pursuing a Ph.D. Degree?

Pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Biological Science involves a lot of effort and requires your complete dedication. The process requires your time, commitment, energy and unconditional love for learning. However, it offers enormous benefits from the financial and career point of view. Some of those are:

1.Potentiality to Earn High

According to a Chronicle study in 2011, the paycheck for the professors with a doctorate was $91,828. This proves that anyone with a Ph.D. certificate occupies the highest position in an institution along with high pay grades.

2.Flexibility in the Career Options

This degree will allow you to get placed as a Head of the Department, Professor, and Researcher. You can also occupy a higher position in the top management. You can also find a range of opportunities in other sectors besides academics.

3.High Respect with Scholarly Benefits

Doctorates receive high recognition everywhere. Even the education journals prefer to publish analytical articles of a Ph.D. holder.

How Much Value Can a Ph.D. Add to Your Career After Completing a Master’s Degree in Biological Science?

The doctoral degree enhances the power of knowledge and skills that you require to excel in your respective field. For doctorate scholars, there is a wide range of career opportunities available across the globe. You can choose among the various professions like professors in the universities, R&D lab researchers, and mentors in the start-up organizations.

Through your Ph.D., you can initiate new research in your field of interest that can also benefit average people. Undoubtedly, your career prospects will grow.

The average salary of an individual with a master’s degree in biological science and a Ph.D. is $73,807 in the USA. In the R&D sector, Ph.D. holders research a particular product followed up by the planning and execution. The opportunity for a doctorate scholar in this industry is always greater than a degree holder.

Most In-Demand Streams for Ph.D. Related to Biological Science

You can choose from the various fields for your Ph.D. degree. Listed below are the most in-demand subjects for the program related to biological Science.

1.Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

The demand for qualified psychologists is growing at a faster pace due to the increased level of stress among humans. The duration of this course in the School of Research is 3 years. Some of the outstanding features of this degree are:

  • incorporated scientific practice,
  • proper maintenance of stability between training and research,
  • openings in translational research, and
  • greater opportunity in the field of pharmacovigilance, pharmacology, biostatistics, and pharmacotherapeutics.

2. Ph.D. in Clinical Research

This is course is about testing the safety and effectiveness of a medical device, medicines, or diagnostics products. The duration of this course is 3 years. Some of the notable characteristics of this branch of medical science are as follows:

  • It improves decision-making skills to take the required steps for patient care.
  • It provides practical exposure along with theoretical studies.
  • The students can work as research methodologists in a lab.

3. Ph.D. in Nursing

A Ph.D. in nursing enables a person to obtain superior research skills. It also helps them to evolve as a trained nurse practitioner. You can get your degree in 3 years. Some of the notable features of this division of research are as follows:

  • It enables students to do systematic research.
  • Scholars can become highly trained practitioners or administrators.
  • It helps to develop strategies for intervention through proper theory and research.
  • It also displays competence in the respective field.

4. Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine

A Ph.D. in alternative medicine makes you an expert in various branches like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy. The course duration is 3 years. Following are some of the best aspects of this doctoral program:

  • Students can choose their area of interest from varied specializations.
  • The learners can understand more about different types of diseases, disorders, and their cure.
  • It offers research-oriented studies.

5. Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling Psychology

Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling Psychology combines science along with clinical practice. This degree helps you become competent and productive in the field of psychology. It takes 3 full years to complete this Ph.D. Some of the most important characteristics of this degree are as follows:

  • It builds up social and ethical responsibilities.
  • It comes as a nice combination of education and psychology.
  • It offers both research and clinical training.

Why Choose TAU?

In collaboration with IAU-UNESCO, TAU offers a variety of programs in science. It includes bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. TAU is partnered with the University of Central Nicaragua (UCN). UCN was founded in 1997 and is an institution authorized by CNU (National Council of Universities). Find below a few key reasons to choose TAU as your University to complete your doctorate degree:

  • Students do not have to physically attend the classes.
  • They can learn everything and study online through the LMS (Learning Management System).
  • They offer international syllabus.
  • It has experienced and knowledgeable faculties from around the world
  • The block-based module has been implemented to ease the learning process
  • Nonstop assessments are made for the progression graph.
  • It delivers a superior-quality academic.

BBRRIICCSS Learning Model in Texila American University

BRICS is a uniquely designed teaching concept where the online and distant learning students will learn the pram divided into blocks. Block means each subject is dedicated for 2 months that reduces the stress of.


Choose your preferred field for your Ph.D. and make your dream come true with TAU. These doctoral programs will boost the prospects for your career and help you learn the traits of life.

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In-Demand Fields for Ph.D. After Master’s in Biological Science We are in the notion that the post-doctorate is only for college professors. Well, this is absolutely misunderstood by the people. If anyone wants to become an expert in their field and grow in their career, then Ph.D. is definitely for them. However, this degree requires a lot of dedication, time, and intense and detailed study. It will open […]
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