Non-Invasive Cardiology and Its Scope in India

Cardiology courses in India are high in demand among medical aspirants for the high scope and salary. With increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) death rates, cardiologists play a critical role in saving lives. Even though the path is long and hard, the cardiology course in India is the top choice for most medical aspirants. Lucrative career opportunities are attracting MBBS graduates to consider cardiology courses in India. It promises them a bright future.

An article published by Deccan Herald points out that India has merely 4,000 cardiologists against required 88,000. Looking at a report from 2018, India has approximately 30 million heart patients. On the other side of the story, more than a hundred PG seats were not taken in the year 2017. Thankfully, recent years have seen a firm shift in the duration and structure of cardiology courses in India.

Cardiologists: Need of the Hour in India

According to Business Standard, the CVD death rate in India was 15% in 1990. In 2018, this shockingly increased to 28%. High blood pressure, stress, and lack of physical exercise are the major reasons for the increased CVD death rate. These lifestyle disorders are pushing a large number of men and women, mere in their 40’s and 50’s, under the knife.

The story covered by Times of India in July 2018 mentions that India has witnessed a 26% rise in CVD deaths in the last 26 years.

The above data proves that the growing number of CVD patients and death rates increases the demand for cardiologists in India.

Salary of Cardiologists in India

The earnings of a cardiologist in India vary by their experience, academic excellence, and skills. The data displayed below discusses a cardiologist’s salary in various companies in India.

Cardiology Physician Salaries by Company in India
No. Company Salary per Annum
1 Akanksha-Pace Consultants Cardiology Physician 18,00,000
2 Pacific Asia Cardiology Physician 18,00,000
3 Okda Health Care Cardiology Physician 17,22,412
4 Career Bosket & Company Cardiology Physician 16,30,921
5 Okda Solutions Cardiology Physician 14,52,369
6 Pace Consultants Cardiology Physician 13,57,249
7 white orange consultancy Cardiology Physician 12,96,171
8 PACE Cardiology Physician 1,200,000
9 Pacific Asia Consulting Expertise Cardiology Physician 1,200,000

Source: Indeed

According to research conducted by Payscale, a non-invasive cardiologist, at the beginning of his career, earns an average salary of 181,000 per month.

If they are running their heart care centers, as well as consulting in private hospitals, the income will considerably much better.

Different Streams in Cardiology

Cardiology deals with the diagnosis and cure of issues related to the heart. Different cases may include problems in arteries, blood vessels, and valves of the heart.

A non-invasive cardiologist only assesses the heart’s condition by conducting tests like stress tests, CT scans, ECG, and so on. Thereby, the non-invasive cardiologists can recommend further treatment or medication to cure the ailments. If required, the patient will be referred to as cardiac surgeons. The non-invasive cardiologists cannot perform surgeries. However, his role is very critical in diagnosing and understanding the health condition of CVD patients.

Before taking up a career in cardiology, know the differences between the different sectors in cardiology:

  • Invasive Cardiologists
  • Non-Invasive Cardiologists, and
  • Interventional Cardiologists

A Career in Cardiology After MBBS

If I may say sheer perseverance and hard work are necessary for every budding medical professional, it won’t be false. A successful medical professional is a result of more than 10 years of dedication to academics and practice. 

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to become a cardiologist in India. To acquire licensure and board certification, you may have to persevere for over 11.5 years. Your travel starts from the school where you should complete 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology. Then, you may have to complete the following levels:

In India, it takes 11.5 years to become a Cardiologist that is a very long time. Coming to money investment, it varies according to your merit, choice of college, and various other factors. A government seat for MD may cost anywhere between 5 and 6 lakh per year. This translates to approximately 20 lakh for three years. Finally, a three-year DM course can cost anywhere close to 30 lakhs on the highest side. The figures vary according to your rank in the qualifying exam, your choice of college/university, and other expenses. It is safe to say that the total expenditure to become a DM in cardiology would be close to INR 1 crore.

Let’s now take a pause and evaluate our choices and stakes here. Is it worth to spend 11.5 years and lump-sum money? Yes, it is. How about the others who cannot spend this much time and money? What if you can become a cardiologist in just two years after your MBBS? You can become a non-invasive cardiologist with a fellowship in non-invasive cardiology.

A fellowship in non-invasive cardiology in India is a 2-year course. This fellowship course after MBBS provides you with the skills and strengths to stay ahead of the rest in your medical career.

The fellowship in non-invasive cardiology will guarantee you the following:

  • The epitome of career satisfaction and service to mankind;
  • Only a few years to become one, compared with other cardiology types’
  • Ever-growing demand that will grow by 20% by 2025 (according to the report of Health Affairs);
  • A higher sense of job satisfaction and job security;
  • Suitable cardiology branch for those who prefer low-risk jobs because there are no surgeries involved in non-invasive procedures; and
  • Attractive salary, especially in super-specialty cardiac care centers.

Study Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology

Doing a fellowship in non-invasive cardiology after MBBS is worth considering if you intend to gain practical knowledge and skills in a short span at an affordable cost. These Cardiology courses are becoming highly popular among MBBS graduates who wish to get specialized in any medical specialty of their choices. It is mainly due to the flexibility in the curriculum and duration.

While there are so many institutions offering several fellowship courses in India, Texila American University (Texila) offers an exclusive Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology program for aspirants to have a demanding career in cardiology. Texila offers this program in association with UCN.

You are eligible to apply for this 2-year Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology if you have completed your MBBS degree from a recognized university and registered with a Medical Council.

Students will receive hands-on training in premium hospitals/health centers in India. The focus of this program is to help students get real-time experience and a deep understanding of different aspects of non-invasive cardiology in the live environment. The course delivery and progress of students will be monitored by the university’s program counselor.

Become a Non -Invasive Cardiologist

Cardiology courses are becoming highly popular among MBBS graduates. Start your journey with Texila.

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Non-Invasive Cardiology and Its Scope in India Cardiology courses in India are high in demand among medical aspirants for the high scope and salary. With increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) death rates, cardiologists play a critical role in saving lives. Even though the path is long and hard, the cardiology course in India is the top choice for most medical aspirants. Lucrative career […]
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