New Career Paths with an MPA Degree

Do you love responsibilities and want to work closely with the government? With an exclusive degree, you can help the government serve the citizens of your country better. You can also help with decision-making and analysis of their policies, with a master’s degree in public administration.

Simply put, master of public administration is a discipline that prepares civil servants and bachelor’s degree holders for public service. The goal of a public administrator is to improve the management and policies to facilitate the functioning of the government.

If working with the government sounds dull, you’ll be surprised to know the career roles of a public administrator: City Manager, Mayor, Tax Examiner, and more.

Here, you will know how a master of public administration degree can shape your future with fruitful career opportunities. A career also offers you a chance to contribute to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

Public Administration: An Overview

Counted as both an academic discipline and a field of practice, public administration refers to administration carried out in public interest. It is defined as the planned organization of affairs, along with the calculated use of resources aimed to successfully fulfill or enforce public policy.

The history of public administration dates back to 600 BCE India, where civilizations like Harappa and Mohenjodaro had a kind, disciplined staff of public workers. Modern-day public administration is more aligned toward the successful implementation of community programs represented by terms like civil rights, community integration, political economy, and more.

The field is not limited to the public sector. Public administrators work closely with prominent private organizations to fulfill administrative roles, such as providing the right information to clients and implementing programs for organizations. They are responsible for advising and directing employees like consultants and researchers. Some organizations may also require them to evaluate services and programs within an organization and implement changes to policy initiatives.

A master’s degree in public administration can provide you with the right opportunity. You can work as a pivotal component of the official government’s executive framework or an integral part of a company’s administrative department.

Role of Public Administration in Developing the Nation and Society

Nigeria is also referred to as the Giant of Africa. It is a regional power in the African Continent, a middle power in international affairs, and an emerging global power. The World Bank considers Nigeria as an emerging market. Thanks to its nominal GDP of more than $500 billion, making it Africa’s largest and world’s 20th largest economy.

Growth of Master's Degree in Public Administration

Nigeria is one of the fastest countries in the world. It needs a stable government and civil service framework that ensures the overall development of every section of society. The efficient functioning of public administration is crucial for socio-economic welfare, maintenance of law and order, application of science and technology, and security in developing countries.

Let us take a look at how you can impact and shape the society with online master of public administration programs.

  • In developing countries, the government needs to provide basic amenities to several sections of society, like women, poor people, aged people, and children. Public administrators help political executives formulate the best policies for the progress of the disadvantaged population.
  • Nigeria is in the stage of transition from agriculture to industries. Some common hurdles the country faces are the lack of infrastructure, resources, technology, and trained workforce. Thus, the government has the responsibility for the overall development of people and the infrastructure. Public administration takes the primary role in helping the government accomplish its objectives.
  • Apart from socio-economic development, the government also needs to maintain traditional functions, like law and order. In developing countries, the government can find it challenging to strike a perfect balance between the two operations. Public administrators ensure the implementation and maintenance of law and order to make sure the development of the society is not hampered.
  • The democracy in Nigeria is still in its early years, and people do not have much experience of the democratic system. Public administrators ensure the survival of democracy by understanding and addressing the need of the people.
  • A sense of nationhood is essential for a country to develop. With more than 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Sometimes, such nations can end up in communal or religious conflicts. Public administration plays a crucial role in creating a sense of nationhood among the citizens.

Career Opportunities in Public and Private Sectors

Once you complete online master of public administration degree, career opportunities are numerous in both the government and private sectors.

In the Public Sector:

  • Tax Examiners: Tax examiners ensure the federal, state, and local governments receive their tax money from organizations, businesses, and citizens. They also conduct tax audits, identify taxes, and collect overdue tax payments.
  • Public Administration Consultant: Public administration consultants deliver policy recommendations for meeting deadlines and budget requirements in a governmental institution.
  • City Manager: A city manager supervises all activities of the city. They manage all operations and budgets of each department in the city.
  • Mayor: One of the dream jobs of public administration professionals is to be elected as the mayor of the city. As a mayor, you will be responsible for presiding at council meetings and fulfilling other ceremonial duties.

In the Private Sector:

  • Human Resource Manager: As an HR manager, you will take care of workplace safety, payroll, and policy development. You will be focused on leadership, communication, and organization to develop a fruitful company culture.
  • Administration Consultant: Companies need to align themselves with regulations and government policies. Administration consultants can analyze a company’s business practices and policies to recommend any changes.
  • Corporate Responsibility Manager: Corporate responsibility managers are experts in corporate and social responsibilities; they keep the business accountable and make sure its effect on the community.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Probably, becoming a CEO is the dream job for many. CEO is a job role you can fulfill with an MPA degree from schools that offer master’s in public administration. If you are interested in working closely with the operations and vision of an organization, the role of the CEO would be an amazing choice for you.

Salary and Growth in Public Administration

An MPA degree from schools that offer master’s in public administration can offer you rewarding career opportunities like a Mayor or a CEO. However, not all fresh graduates will land in their dream job.

The field provides a plethora of various career options in both government and private sectors. However, competition is rising. You might require obtaining a specialization to increase your chances to grab a handsome salary package.

Talking about the salary, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in public administration have a maximum earning potential of $50,000 per year. Moreover, those who complete online master of public administration programs can look at an average salary of $68,000.

Public and private sectors offer different salaries.

  • Public Sector
    The average salary for an MPA professional in the public sector ranges between $35,000 and $100,000. Some common job positions and salaries in the government sector are:
    • Human Resources Director – $80,000
    • Program Administrator – $60,000
    • Director of Program Management – $60,000
  • Private Sector
    In the private sector, the average salary of an MPA professional is $60,000. Some common job roles and salaries in the private sector are:
    • Program Administrator – $40,000
    • Purchasing Manager – $53,000
    • Government Affairs Executive – $100,000
    • Chief Executive Officer – $150,000

Pros and Cons of a Career in Public Administration

  • Benefits of an MPA Degree
    • With careers available in both private and public sectors, you get a wide choice of career paths.
    • You get a chance to work closely with influential individuals, such as company directors and government officers.
    • You can further expand your expertise by acquiring specialization in fields like financing, legal, environmental, etc.
  • Cons in Doing an MPA Degree
    • A career in public administration is very competitive, and higher-ranking positions have a limited number of job openings.
    • Public administration jobs usually come with a lot of responsibility, all of which can lead to stress and pressure.

What Is the Right Option to Study Master of Public Administration?

In association with the Central University of Nicaragua (UCN), Texila American University offers a master of public administration program that focuses on the principles of public administration and development, implementation, and management of policies. This course provides you with real-world exposure to the challenges faced in the public administration sector and how to overcome them by developing actionable solutions.

In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of public finances, human resources, and leadership required to resolve the complexities in public and private institutions.

Key Takeaways from this MPA Program

Here’s a quick checklist of what you will learn in this MPA program:

  • A comprehensive, real-world learning experience
  • Skillset and expertise to handle challenges in corporations and governments
  • Entrepreneurial and analytical skills
  • Out-of-box thinking and planning capabilities

Why Should Choose This MPA Degree?

The benefits of enrolling into UCN’s MPA program include:

  • flexible, online program;
  • interactive classroom experience;
  • US-based curriculum and a credit system for overall learning and development;
  • international exposure to an extensive network of students and professionals;
  • internationally recognized and renowned degree; and
  • rewarding career opportunities.

Do you have a bachelor’s degree and 3+ years of experience in the public sector? You are eligible to take up this course. This course can accelerate your skills, expertise, and career growth.

Join our MPA program and give your career a new dimension for learning and growth.

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Open up to New Career Paths with an MPA Degree Do you love responsibilities and want to work closely with the government? With an exclusive degree, you can help the government serve the citizens of your country better. You can also help with decision-making and analysis of their policies, with a master’s degree in public administration. Simply put, master of public administration is a discipline […]
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