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PhD in Medicine Program: An Overview

Are you a fresh medical graduate with a PG degree who wants to build a career in research? Graduates in this situation are discovering the benefits of doing a PhD in medicine. By choosing the PhD pathway and opting to do it online, they get a number of advantages. We delve into the benefits of doing a PhD and answer Why? How? What? questions that are surrounding it. So, continue reading to discover the benefits of doing a PhD degree in medicine.

Generally, a doctoral program lasts between 3 and 5 years. Applicants need to have a PG degree in medicine or an equivalent MS/MD degree to qualify for admission. Candidates need to get the minimum qualifying marks to get admission to the course. The PhD program gives candidates the chance to sharpen specific skills. During the course, candidates can do unique research and specialize in specific fields according to their strengths. Often candidates will take a pre-course and pass it before going for the PhD interview process.

Benefits of Doing a PhD in Medical Science

Why do PG medical graduates opt for a PhD in medical science? Following are a few valid reasons to take up this program:

  • Graduates who successfully pass a PhD get a solid foundation to excel in research-based roles.
  • Graduates with a PhD get some of the best salaries in the medical industry.
  • Once they complete a PhD, graduates can earn more than their counterparts with a PG Degree.
  • They can focus on building skills and competencies that are useful for research and development.
  • PhD graduates can work in various jobs ranging from lecturers in colleges to CEOs of hospitals.

Is a PhD in Medicine Worth It?

Graduates with a PG medical degree do a PhD because they have specific goals, such as becoming a medical scientist. In most cases, completing a PhD in the medical field requires up to 5 years. As PG graduates have to study for a longer duration to get a PhD, it is a major turn off. Also, as graduates have to put in a lot of effort to get a PhD, they cannot concentrate on earning. However, getting a PhD in medicine online is still worth the time and effort.

Will Having a PhD in Medicine Increase Salary?

Medical professionals, who have completed their MD and those with a PhD, experience a big difference in salaries. Usually, as per the data collected by the US BLS, medical scientists earn a median wage of $88,790 per year. Also, medical scientists in some states in the US can earn up to $130,310. This ability to earn a healthy salary, while building a career in research, makes a PhD in medicine online popular. Medical scientist jobs are also projected to increase by 8.3 percent by the year 2024.

Salary for Phd in Medicine

Source: BLS

Job Opportunities for Those with a PhD in Medicine

With the aid of the three-year PhD in medicine online course, doctors can transform into researchers. These three years of research importantly allows graduates to improve their clinical knowledge. Graduates doing a PhD in medical science, therefore, are able to create a stellar career in research. They can also work as a lecturer in medical colleges and help shape the minds of future doctors. After completing a PhD in medical science, graduates can research pandemics. Currently, medical scientists are needed to develop cures and treatments for the coronavirus pandemic.

Medical Scientists Are Increasingly Needed to Handle the Pandemics like COVID-19?

As the world faces various adverse effects resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, medical scientists are increasingly in demand. Especially, those who have done a PhD in medical science and specialized in pharma are coming to the forefront. These scientists are being employed by governments and institutions worldwide to assist in the development of drugs and vaccines. They are also researching and developing cutting edge treatments for COVID-19 patients. Medical scientists, therefore, are increasingly relevant in the current situation as the world deals with large public health emergencies.

Increasing Opportunities in Top Management Roles

Those who successfully complete a PhD in medicine course can earn a high PhD in medicine salary. High salaries can be earned even when graduates work in hospital management. Within hospital management, PhD graduates can handle several jobs and even work as CEOs. Other benefits of a PhD in medicine course are that it is recognized in several countries. So, graduates can use their PhD to build a strong career in various spheres, including biomedical research. Working as medical scientists, they can also develop new methods to treat patients.

How Do PG Medical Graduates Study a PhD in Medicine and Switch from Clinical Medicine?

Medical graduates who have finished their PG often want to excel in the field of research. By doing a PhD in medicine online, graduates who have finished their post-graduation can switch from clinical medicine. They can instead create a career in research and leave clinical management of patients behind. Doing a PhD in medical science importantly makes graduates experts in their specialty. So, after earning a PhD, they can influence the course of treatment of patients in cardiology or general medicine. They also get good recognition for their work.

The Benefits of Doing an Online PhD Medicine Course

There are several benefits of PhD in medicine online courses. Importantly, these benefits help overcome the many difficulties associated with doing a traditional PhD in medicine. Also, students can choose to complete a PhD according to the time they have available. If they have the time, they can, for example, opt to complete a two-year course within a year. PG graduates can choose any specialty they want, as they are not competing for limited seats. Additionally, the costs associated with an online PhD program are also cheaper.

Why Online PhD Medicine Courses Is the Best?

This is because it allows for PG graduates to keep working. An online PhD in medicine can, importantly, be done without leaving their clinical practice. This ability to do a PhD on a part-time basis allows for graduates to keep working a full-time job. Additionally, with a PhD in medicine done online, there is no need for commuting to study or participate in seminars. This ability to keep working or focus on spending time with family as children grow is especially attractive to women. Therefore, more women take a PhD in medicine online and, importantly, are able to complete it.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your PhD Degree in Medicine?

In association with the Central University of Nicaragua, Texila American University (Texila) offers a leading PhD degree in medicine course. Making use of the course, students can get full benefits of a PhD in medicine. They can also make major contributions to research in various fields. Students who are interested in the course can opt for it once they complete three years of relevant work experience. Making use of the course, they can strengthen their skills in research and gain experience in a specialization of choice.

  • Hundreds of Specializations to Choose From
    Students who are taking a PhD in medical science course at Texila can choose from various specializations. The university has around 140+ medical specializations on offer, and students can pick a specialization as per their core strengths. The PhD in medicine course is also designed to help students improve their analytical skills. As a result, students who complete the course emerge with the best research and analytical skillset.
  • Short-Duration PhD Course That Is Well Designed
    The PhD in medicine online course at Texila is well-designed, and students can complete it within three years. Graduates, therefore, are not bogged down in a lengthy program, which oftentimes deters PG degree holders. As a result, the chances of PG degree holders failing to get through the three-year course are minimal.
  • Guidance from Experienced Faculty Members
    Participants in the online PhD medicine course in Texila get guidance from the time they join. Therefore, participants get the right type of help and expert guidance at the appropriate time. They can make use of this faculty guidance to do unique research. Additionally, participants can take guidance to prepare their thesis viva. With the faculty also providing course participants with suitable help, they can easily publish research articles. Participants also get a co-guide, and they can make use of one-on-one sessions to excel.
  • Unique Advantages of Taking up a PhD in Medicine Course at Texila
    At Texila, participants who enroll in PhD in medicine can take advantage of unique features to complete their course.
    • Wide range of specialties
    • Research Guidance from renowned faculty from day one till the end of the program
    • No commute (No residential classes, seminars, or campus visits are required.)
    • Continuous assessment by co-guide through one-on-one sessions

Besides all, upon taking up an online course, you can work on your PhD studies without leaving a full-time job. However, PhD in medicine is not just a degree but also an honor that makes you stand ahead of all your pioneers by providing you all the expertise you need. When you can get it at your convenience studying online and in your free time, it would be a boon for you. Make use of this opportunity to get a PhD degree in the unique subject of medicine.

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