How do we feel the pain?

When a cell or tissue in our body gets hurt, it releases a chemical named “Prostaglandins”. The human body has numerous nerve endings in their skin and tissues. The chemical produced in the tissues during hurt is very sensitive to our nerve ending and then it sends a signal to the central nervous system especially the brain and spinal cord. Some of the “Prostaglandins” in our body causes inflammation and fever. Pain is an important feel in our body because it gives an alert for the brain i.e. when some problems occurred to the particular part of our body, it says to take some necessary action to that particular part.

How do pain killers kill the pain?

Pain killers just block the pain receptors in the brain and stop receiving pain signals to the brain.

The tablets we in took doesn’t know which part of our body gets hurt, it just stops the signals coming to the brain. So, it usually makes the proteins in the outer surface of the brain  not to receive any kind of signals.

Pain killers are also called as analgesics. Some of the analgesics are milder which doesn’t cause drowsiness or sedation.

Side effects of pain killer pills

Effects on Low doses:

Drowsiness & Dizziness.

Impaired concentration.

Nausea and slowed breathing.

Droopy eyelids.

Effects on large doses:

Pupils will get shrunken.

The skin is cold, moist, and bluish.

Breathing may slow to a complete stop.

Reduces Platelets count and lead to death.

Painkiller leads to a permanent relief(Death).

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