A lot of health benefits are hidden in human tears. Humans cry for different reasons under different emotions which could be of pain, frustration, happiness or fear. These tears provide us a lot of medical benefits in different ways. Some of them are listed below:

Pain killer:

Can you believe this..? , it’s really proven by researchers that while crying our endocrine system releases a hormone called endorphins which is “feel good” hormones. It stabilizes the mood and acts as pain killer.

Getting rid of poison:

Harmful substances like dust, irritants will get formed as toxins in our entire body, (most of the toxins are manganese); such toxins can be removed easily and effectively by emotional tears.

Prevents and kills bacteria:

Our tear produces a chemical named Lysozyme, which is a great fighter against bacterial growth. Lysozyme can kill about 90-95% of bacteria.

Nose Cleaner:

Tears also play a prominent role in cleaning nose. Most of the people, can feel if they are in an emotional cry, automatically their nose will gets moisted which just cleans the dust particles sticked inside nose.

Stress reliever:

Tears are natural producer for eyes in order to remove the stress. If you try to control such cry, you can feel that your stress gots 50 times higher. Thus, cry makes you to remove the stress which is physcologically proven. The person will feel better and relieved by releasing those emotions.


Tears give lubrication to eyes and prevent the dehydration of various mucous membranes surrounding the eyeballs. If there is no lubrication, then we wouldn’t able to see.

Reduces blood pressure levels:

Scientists proved that after cry, the pressure in the blood will get reduced a lot.

Tears are God’s gift to us.  It’s our holy water.  They heal us as they flow.

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