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Relieved after Board Exams?
Anxious of the Exam Results?
Confused of What NEXT?

Usually, students are unaware of the fact that high school is the crucial stage of building a career. They take the decision with puzzled and ambiguous mind and end up selecting a wrong stream thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long-term career prospects.

Selecting the right stream has a long-lasting influence on a student’s future. It has been often observed student start hating their subject after some time or quit their subject midway or start feeling frustrated about the wrong move or decision.

The decision they once took out of peer pressure or parental pressure or due to lack of knowledge now becomes the burden of their life. Hence, it is very important for any student to choose the stream carefully for better career prospects in future.

How to choose the right stream for your dream career

Choosing the right stream after High School or ‘O’ level remains one of the toughest decisions in one’s career. Your scores or marks are, of course, a reflection of your capabilities, but they should not be the sole reason for choosing a stream.

Let’s try and understand some of the critical factors that would help you achieve your dream career goal


  • The first stage of choosing the right stream is self-awareness
  • Identify your interest and understand your aptitudes and skills
  • Analyse and take a decision

Example scenario:

Do I really like maths? (To identify the interest)
Am I good at maths? (To judge the skills)
Can I be good in maths if I get all coaching and guidance? (To understand the aptitude, i.e. ability to reach the required skill)


Here is the Simple Formula for a Successful Career – Explained by Google CEO Mr.Sundar Pichai based on his real-life experience

Discussion with your seniors/parents/teachers:

  • Sometimes students take wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge. So, guidance from experts and experienced people always matters.
  • A healthy discussion with parents and conveying about own real happiness should not be missed out during this phase.

Decision making and taking action:

  • Final stage of selecting a stream
  • Choosing the correct stream makes a substantial improvement in one’s career path hence get suggestions from people
  • There is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. One just needs to put all his/her efforts to make a successful career.

Enjoyed reading this article? Now you should be ready to choose your right stream for your dream career, aren’t you?

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