Professional Development for Teachers.

Posted by texilaadmin - 02 January, 2018


Equipping the Teachers with Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in the Education Sector

“Students must be trained to become sensitive to the surroundings and society. They are not passive learners but active participants and must be given freedom and space in every aspect. Social responsibility of the learners may be stressed. If we want a better tomorrow we must inculcate humane values in our children.”

Teachers Training Program

Texila American University organised an event at Zambia with association with Zambia Teachers Forum (ZTF) to tackle the challenges facing the education sector today and celebrate the vital role that teachers play in preparing students for the future. The event was attended by more than 100 teachers to build the better future for tomorrow.

The event was presided by Mr. Ajay Poddar, The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Texila American University and then followed by Dr. Vijayakumar, the Assistant Registrar of the University.

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