Now Texila Nursing students can pursue Clinical Placements in any hospitals in the district

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Texila American University Zambia (TAU-Z) and Chulanga District Health Office (DHO) in Zambia on 19th June 2017 (Monday) for the clinical placements of the Texila Nursing Students.


The MOU was signed by Dr.Vijayakumar, the Assistant Registrar of Texila American University Zambia and Dr.Leah Namonje, the Medical Officer of Chulanga District Health Office in the presence of Dr. Sathish Kumar and others from the DHO.

In every Semester, the nursing students should undergo 4 to 6 weeks of Clinical placements for hands-on training. This affiliation will make it easy and convenient for the students to practice in any leading hospital in Chulanga  for the Clinical Placements upon completion of the course ware.

To know more about Texila American University Zambia and to apply, visit : http://www.tau.edu.zm

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