Awareness and Action are the 2 sides of a modern-day coin. Without awareness, no proper action can be undertaken, and without planned action, awareness will add little value.

Among the medical community in Zambia and other African countries, awareness and action are fortunately working hand-in-hand. At Texila American University, Zambia (TAU) therefore, the purpose of launching the Texila Knowledge Talk Series was to create a common platform for like-minded people to discuss critical issues in healthcare and medicine so as to contribute towards the greater good. 

An Engaging Initiative: Texila Knowledge Talk Series 

As an academic institution, at TAU, our ambition is to cultivate the desire for learning among the youth and establish means for knowledge sharing and discussions. Texila Knowledge Talk Series is therefore, a first-of-its-kind platform for enriched minds to come together and address healthcare issues that are affecting the nation at large. 

The knowledge talk series aims to engage and challenge medical students and professionals to think deeply and act responsibly. Accordingly, 12 talk-shows have been planned throughout the year, for like-minded individuals to meet and find ways to improve the quality of healthcare system in Zambia. The series also aims to encourage students to study medicine and other healthcare disciplines to contribute towards the development of healthcare that can extend and improve lives worldwide. 

On 29th March 2018, we were privileged to have Dr.Trevor Kaile of the University of Zambia inaugurate the first-ever talk of Texila Knowledge Talk Series. He addressed a full-house on the state of Tuberculosis in Zambia and around the world and what can be done in the years to come to stop to it. 


Professor Trevor Kaile on Tuberculosis – Key highlights 

  • About Tuberculosis – It’s the origin, history, incidence, and global outlook
  • The burden of TB in Zambia – How Zambia is among high-TB-incidence countries, yet almost 62% of cases are detected and put on treatment
  • Clinical features of Tuberculosis – Primary and Secondary TB, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS infection, Tuberculosis in children, etc.
  • Drug Resistance – How the country is witnessing the threat of drug-resistant TB, and second-line drugs are being introduced to curtail the challenge
  • Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
  • Prevention and Treatment for Tuberculosis – Including drugs recommended for treatment
  • Success Stories

It is estimated that 47 people die of TB every day, and the number will be soaring in the years to come. The country needs to take measured steps not just for the prevention of TB, but also its diagnosis and treatment. 

With Texila Knowledge Talk Series we hope to make a contribution to the cause by creating awareness about critical healthcare issues. 

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