Taxila’s Master’s Programme Elevates a Nurse above the Rest

Texila’s Master’s Programme Elevates a Nurse above the Rest

Texila American University (Texila) Zambia provides a unique way of knowledge acquisition and competency development and allows you to be one of the few exceptional employees in your field, Standard Nursing Officer at Rufunsa District Health Office Alieli Phiri has commended.

Mr. Phiri, a recent graduate of Texila Zambia’s Masters in Nursing Education through its Distance and Blended Learning Program (DBLP), said this in specific reference of how his studying Masters in Nursing Education has made him one of the few Nurses to have a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.

A Part-time Tutor at St. Luke’s’ School of Nursing and Midwifery, Mr. Phiri fondly remembers his experience at the university, stating that studying with Texila Zambia was not only affordable but the university itself is where dreams are met.

“As a student with Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I was quite limited in knowledge and competence, but with the added qualification (a Masters in Nursing Education), I have a pool of opportunities to supervise qualified nurses at ST. Luke’s Mission Hospital, and lecture at The Nursing School, whilst helping maintain health standards at a District level,” he said.

Find out Which Texila Zambia DBLP will Make You Exceptional

Mr. Phiri was quick to praise Texila Zambia’s DBLP, stating that the flexible means of tuition fees payment made it affordable and easy to study while working as he was not separated from his family as he pursued his Master’s like most of his friends are when pursuing a Master’s degree.

“Texila Zambia’s DBLP made working and studying at the same time quite easy because of the blended type of training offered and how timely the modules were tallied in an interesting and interactive manner, including interactions with the faculty and fellow students in the community of practice,” said Mr. Phiri.

Mr. Phiri was making reference to Texila’s acclaimed BRICS Model of learning and its Learning Management System through which the DBLP is delivered. The BRICS Model is a uniquely designed teaching and learning method of delivering DBLP that is block-based and that ensures dedicated learning of one course at a time for a specified period. For this reason, Texila Zambia has one of the highest graduation rates.

Despite some understandable “learning pains” that he went through, which included the unstable Zambian Kwacha against the US Dollar that affected his fees and the perceived long lag time to graduation of 6 – 9 months from the day of completion and the day the graduation form was filled in, Mr. Phiri stated that he very appreciative for moulding him into a better Nurse Educator and Standard Officer.

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