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Despite a plethora of career opportunities for Indian students in today’s date, MBBS still remains one of the most sought-after degrees among them. A couple of years ago, securing a seat for MBBS was a mammoth task. Times have changed, however, and today a lot of students are preferring to study medicine outside India and fulfill their ambitions of becoming a doctor. From the USA to the UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, etc. the list of countries offering medical education to Indian students has been on the rise steadily – and so has the list of cheap medical schools abroad that fail to provide quality education and build genuine doctors.

So, if you are determined to become a doctor and want to study medicine abroad, be wise, do your research and make an informed decision.

What to look for when selecting a Medical College outside India

When you study medicine abroad you must remember that what matters most is the degree – that is, you must be careful enough to study in a college that is MCI recognized and will provide you with a degree that allows you to practice in India after completing the program.

In the long run, medical school education is an investment – not an expenditure. When selecting a medical college outside India, it is necessary first to check credentials, opportunities and potential of the college rather than costs alone. There are several cheap and low cost medical colleges outside India especially in Bangladesh, Philippines, China and even Russia – but the question is, are they worth it?

Countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, China, Russia and Georgia are emerging as alternative to medical education abroad, but they come with their own disadvantages. Even the Indian Embassy even warns students about the foreseeable dangers that come with unplanned medical education abroad. 

Why you should not opt for Cheap Medical Schools Abroad?

Medical education in private Indian medical college is expensive and may not be feasible for many students. The alternative is an education abroad that often works out cheaper than studying in India. But costs alone cannot be the determining factor. Here are some of the factors you should consider before studying MBBS outside India and not be lured by cheap medical colleges:

1. Recognition by MCI – This is mandatory and cannot be compromised with. Many foreign medical colleges and universities are not recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), which means that even if you earn a degree from that college you will not be able to practice here in India. Do check the list of foreign medical colleges recognized by MCI before selecting a college.  

Moreover, on completing of a medical program outside India, students will have to clear the FMGE examination. So, think about it. While studying in a cheap medical college may cost you less, it does not promise you a brighter future. 

2. Lack of quality lab facility – Medical education requires knowledge of theoretical concepts and clinical skills. Several cheap colleges abroad fail to provide the latter. For instance, in Philippines, the student-to-lab ratio is high and often students are not able to gain practical experience in labs. While education may be cheap, lack of infrastructure and facilities in foreign medical colleges are reasons why you should avoid studying here.

3. No proper faculty – The quality of faculty available in colleges play a significant role in the level of education you will be receiving. While some colleges may have faculty of international repute and education, some colleges especially in China and Bangladesh have home-grown faculty. Take note of this before selecting your college.

4. Language barrier – The medium of instruction used in the medical college and the local language spoken will also impact your medical education. In China for instance, learning Mandarin for communication is necessary; even though there are some colleges that teach in English, it is necessary to know Mandarin for basic communication. Expect the same in Russia and Ukraine as well. 

5. Other challenges – Medical education will usually comprise 4 to 5 years of your student life – so you shouldn’t compromise on your accommodation and food habits as well. In countries like China and Russia, it may be challenging to come by Indian food and/or affordable accommodation. Cost of living in Russia is usually on the higher side. 

 Think Before You Invest!

Whether you are studying medicine in India or outside, medical education is expensive. A student can spend anything between 35 and 80 lakhs INR for quality education based on the location, the facilities offered and the rotations available. So, keep these factors in mind before selecting a college outside.

Texila American University, based in Guyana (the only English speaking country in South America) offers Medical programs that are convenient, affordable and authentic. The university is recognized by MCI, has English as a medium of instruction, and has state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped labs and teaching facilities. TAU also has international faculty and a diverse student base from different countries, making it a truly global school of medicine.

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The Ugly Truth About Cheap Medical Schools Abroad
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