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Basically, What is learning?

Learning is developing behaviours like skills, knowledge and wisdom.

Adult learners must know the purpose and benefit of getting enrolled into a particular education program. They usually desire that what ever program they take, must be useful for their life and relevant. The learning has to meet their demands at the end. Goal achievement is their ultimate priority.

Andragogy is the art and science of adult learning. Adult learners are independent, self motivated and self directed. They like to make their own decisions regarding the educational programs. Can manage learning by themselves. Student motivated to learn about health sciences and medical knowledge can get enrolled into a health science course.

Twenty first century learning skills that we provide at campus are

  1. Choice - free will
  2. Collaboration - social creatures
  3. Communication - literacy
  4. Critical thinking - by problem solving
  5. Creativity - unique human pleasure                


One important prerequisite is that the goals of the learning program have been clearly defined and feasible to achieve. After the program, the adult learners experience better job satisfaction, good quality life and self esteem.       

The following are the three domains of learning incorporated into the educational programs at Texila American University:

Domains of learning

  1. Cognition – get knowledge and theory by attending lectures.
  2. Affective – acquiring and changing higher emotions, values, opinion and attitudes. Modify your opinion on disorders and diseases like cholera and leprosy after getting to know of specific treatment method.
  3. Psychomotor – imitate the instructor, do, practice skills inside the laboratory, practical demo and revision. 

Then the learning students are going through the examination and evaluation process. After that they can become expert, in their respective fields. 

After qualifying in examination, can give service to the community and society as a House surgeon/Intern.                   

Wherever there is a need to make the process of adult learning more efficient and effective, the principles of instructional design have been used. We got a plan at a place. Just need to stay focused and execute. Students can do incredible STEM projects on campus; tap into that and share their STEM projects with the world. Not sure how to find these content opportunities? Consider creating an avenue for faculty to recommend projects for expanded coverage. It’s a win-win situation, the student and the university.

Article written by,

Dr Kartheek.R


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