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A profession both noble and lucrative, medicine for long, has remained the most sought-after field of study by Indian students aspiring to become doctors. The low availability of seats to accommodate the high demand among students competing each year through various tests and examinations in both private and government institutions is mostly the cause of Indian students looking to go overseas to pursue further education.

For decades Indian students have opted and traveled far and near to western countries such as the Americas, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. In the last two decades, an emerging trend towards non-English speaking countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan, took in a significant number of students taking up medical programs. In such cases, Indian students choose these destinations for their low-cost nature, but they have to deal with a significant obstacle of a language barrier as English is not widely spoken.

As more and more avenues open up for Indians, students have the luxury to research and compare online and through various forums to inquire about the level of education, living conditions, etc.

Why opt for Guyana?

Guyana, the northwest country of South America, is not only a gateway to the USA but also acts as the fraternal sibling to the Caribbean island nations in language and culture. With a substantial number of Indian diasporas living there for generations, it is no stranger to Indian culture and some of the commonly spoken languages across India. A nation with a low crime rate and cheaper living expenses, but rich in culture and safe surroundings – also share similar weather conditions to India. This means not only the weather but common ailments, disease patterns, and treatments are very similar to India.

Why study medicine in Guyana?

Many of the top medical study destinations like the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada have hefty tuition fees, high living expenses, and additional entrance exams taking a toll on most overseas medical students. Because of these reasons, many Indian students are looking for countries outside the western hemisphere. Guyana provides a plethora of options when choosing it as their study destination for international students, especially Indian sub-continent and young aspirants from African countries.

Most universities and colleges in Guyana offer medical programs that are in-line with the American medical curriculum and act as a stepping stone to do clinical rotations or to practice medicine in the USA after completing the medical degree in Guyana. The curriculum and educational standards are widely recognized– enabling medical graduates from Guyana to pursue further education or practice medicine in most of the countries around the world.

All education is taught through English medium, circumventing the need to learn the native language as in most East European countries requires. Almost all the Guyanese Universities exempt students from taking additional entrance examinations, paying donations, but offer platform with clinical rotations in Guyana and the USA, with their state-of-art infrastructure and employment opportunities. Guyana also lacks in the number of doctors available – with a ratio of 1 for every 2000 patients (against the doctor–population ratio of 1:1,000 as recommended by WHO). In addition, final year students can have hands-on experience in treating locale residents in Guyana.

Medical programs in Guyana do not require English language tests like IELTS or TOEFL or any other additional entrance exams (other than NEET in India), unlike most other English-speaking countries mandate.


The cost of living in Guyana is very close to most of the Indian cities. Some of the medical colleges/ universities in Guyana charge a nominal tuition fee, which is far lesser than most private medical colleges in India. On the other hand, Indian students opting to go to other popular destinations spend in crores for tuition fees (living expenses extra).

Choosing Texila American University to study MBBS

Texila American University

Founded in 2010, Texila American University, Guyana, South America, provides world-class medical education through innovative teaching techniques, training, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. With a presence in 6 countries and 28 Global Accreditations, TAU offers more than 48 educational programs, serving students from 70+ countries along with 700+ Ph.D. students. At TAU, education and research are inextricably intertwined to prepare and empower our students to become globally successful physicians.

As part of TAU’s curriculum, it provides an inbuilt training program for licensing exams like FMGE, USMLE, etc. With a high passing ratio in these international licensing exams over the years, this training program has proved to be of great value for our students.

With a team of accomplished trainers, lecturers, and medical experts – the university offers clinical training as a part of its medical program to students. TAU is also affiliated with renowned hospitals in Guyana, USA, and other countries.

Students at Texila American University are provided with a safe and comfortable living atmosphere and are treated to a variety of cuisines to accommodate students from different countries.

The university has a well-structured method of screening students, both locally and internationally, providing transparency throughout the entire process from admission to graduation and employment. Taking all these into consideration, Texila American University in Guyana is a perfect fit for Indian students looking for international exposure with world-class infrastructure at an affordable cost.

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