“The Youth of today are the LEADERS OF TOMORROW.”

                                                                                                                                         – Nelson Mandela

Zambia marks its annual celebration of Youth Day on the 12th of March. During the holiday, sporting events, tree-planting activities, and youth-related law implementation might take place during the occasion.

Zambia, whose capital is Lusaka, is one of the landlocked countries in the Southern portion of Africa. It shares borders with the following African countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo (north), Tanzania (north-east), Malawi (east), Angola (west), and Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, and (south). 

Youth Day in Zambia is an imperative political and social machinery; it helps the government reflect on how it is helping the youth curtail the increasing problems it faces today. 

Zambia also uses this day to measure the youth’s contribution to society and how it can help them become more successful in their endeavour. 

Youth Day in Zambia is celebrated with the usual street march where the youth participates in socio-civic action and sports activities.

The willingness of the youths to work even with difficult terms and conditions is something that should be celebrated. 

Their desire to explore and the willingness to learn every aspect of life is something we need to appreciate as we celebrate this day. 

Youths are more willing to learn the puzzle of life and eager to implement what they are learning for the development of our nation.

For that reason, we also need to celebrate youth education. Learning in the life of the youths can be celebrated in the sense that many young people get educated, which gives a good reading for a better future.

With education, we come to comprehend that the future is brighter because we are assured of the nation’s safety built on enlightened leadership.

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Zambia: Celebrating Youth “The Youth of today are the LEADERS OF TOMORROW.”                                                                                             […]
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