US researchers invented a Jet Device that injects the medicine in the human body which replaces the hypodermic needles gives pain.

These Jet Device injectors are narrow jet liquid packed injectors powered by high pressure compressed air or gas. It was first introduced to vaccinate people preventing small pox. Servicemen in the armed forces are injected with this injector in routine to immunize them.

The speed of this injector on passing the liquid to our body is more than the speed of sound in air. It is possible to change the velocity according to the patient’s disease and treatment. This is one of the best advantages as compared to the needles where it uses the same velocity and pain to all types of patients.


  1. No needles are required. It just removes the needle phobia scare among children and adults.
  2. Very simple to use, just wind, dial, fill and inject.
  3. Mixing of medicines is possible which replaces using multiple syringes to inject multiple times.
  4. Prevents needle-stick injuries that usually happen to the medical assistants in hospitals. These needle-stick injuries made some serious issues, where if the medicine is injected to an HIV patient and if the needle used for the injection strikes unexpectedly on any of the assistants, then there is an easy chance of spreading HIV viruses into their body. Thus, this Jet injector replaces all those troubles faced in disposable syringes with needles.
  5. Versatility – Ability to change the nozzles of the needle according to the patient’s body mass and skin thickness.
  6. Easily passes the medicines directly to the tissues where it mixes with blood very quickly
  7. Some of the Insulin is needed to be injected into the muscles. So, long needles are used in that case. To avoid such constraints, a jet device injector is used where we can specify the depth the medicine needed to be injected.
  8. Other advantages of the jet injector include portability, low cost, and customizable settings.

This capability of jet injector results in safer, faster and more comfortable medical procedures for the patient and physician when the jet injector is used in place of a needle.

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