Positive energy is within us, but our expectations and desire hid that huge power. We need to expose our positive energy by excluding negative things.

Start your morning with a Meditation

Meditation is the best way to develop your positive energy. Meditation is nothing but thinking about a particular thing. What you think, that you become. So, thinking on a particular object/thought makes your mind to divert in the positive way. Meditating on morning will makes your mind very fresh, keeps you all day very fresh.

Set Clear Boundaries

Have a clear idea about what you are going to do. If you choose a boundary, don’t neglect it later; be strong on whatever decision you had taken. Don’t jump to another way or decision until your goal is achieved.

Try to reduce your needs

Money is the biggest problem now everywhere. Earn money only for your needs, not for your desire. Desire produces expectations. Expectations results in frustration. So, don’t expect on anything. Just do your work and try to put your maximum efforts.

Build an energy shield around you

Make a strong thought that you shouldn’t get addicted on anything. Even the thing is good for you or good for someone else, don’t seize on it. If you are strong in your own principle, then automatically an energy shield will develop around you which protect you from various desires.

Stop worrying about the future

“Don’t think about the past, Stop thinking about the future, Work for the present” It’s the only enchantment you need to remember your life.

Feel you are spacious

Keep your thoughts broad, don’t shrink yourself in anything. If a problem occurs, don’t think that there is no solution. Each problem is created by humans not by nature, so if the problem is created by us, then there is a solution too which is also within us. See your problems in a broad way. Try to find out multiple solutions.

Remember your successes

When you are getting insulted, just remember your past successes you achieved. Be proud about you.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep helps to retrieve energy. So, each human should sleep at least 7.5 to 9 hours a day.

Make use of your Creativity

All humans has a treasure of creativity, you need to dig out them. Try to use your creativity. Don’t compare your creativity/talents with others. Each has their own type of creativity.

Have a Routine exercise

One of the easiest ways to increase our positive power is to make our body physically fit through various exercises. Jog every day morning in fresh air which makes you to feel lighter and reduces blood pressure, keeps your mind fresh forever. Regular exercise removes your boredom sensation.

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Easy steps to obtain positive energy …? Positive energy is within us, but our expectations and desire hid that huge power. We need to expose our positive energy by excluding negative things. Table of Contents Start your morning with a MeditationSet Clear BoundariesTry to reduce your needsBuild an energy shield around youStop worrying about the futureFeel you are spaciousRemember your successesGet plenty […]
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