Faith over Anxiety

– Cadeja Wright

“Stop trying to control the situation!” they said.

“You have absolutely no control over it!”

“I’m just cleaning everything that I can get my hands on and I’m never stopping,” I replied.

“It makes me feel like I have some sort of control over everything!”

I remembered my heart beating so fast, sweating, trembling, when I first heard of this crazy outbreak!

Not to mention the lack of concentration, the panic, and the difficulty sleeping!

The more I watched the news, the worst it became.

I pledged to stay home and to keep my 6 feet from everybody!

Cause my goal was to remain virus-free.

But I had to get food; I had shared a space with my family; I had to still go to work, responsibilities still lingered

Then all of a sudden,

“Achhooo”… Right in my face, my son forgot to cover his nose.

Sadly, I couldn’t just wipe my son away with some Lysol!

But last, it was an innocent sneeze.

I was scared, and at the same time, I suddenly came to a realization.

That my anxiety was useless, so useless…

I was putting myself more at risk by being fearful!

All I needed to do was to take the necessary precautions, and keep calm and trust God.

I didn’t need any fluoxetine or clonazepam

I needed to let go and face my fears…

I reflected, and it seemed like I felt all sorts of anxiety.

So, I promised myself, going forward, it would be Faith over Fear…

That was now going to be my weapon to overcome the unexpected battles of life.

That I, frankly, have no control over.

In a nutshell, I learned how to let go.

Try it!

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