Girl born with her heart outside the body though now she is doing fine after surgery

A female offspring born along with her heart outside her body has been discharged from the TX hospital that saved her life.

Audrina Cardenas was born Oct. 15, 2012, with a condition referred to as posture cordis, within which a part of the center grows outside the chest. The congenital defect is typically fatal, however Audrina survived a six-hour operation at TX Children’s Hospital in Houston to tuck her heart back to her body. And on Wednesday, she went home – the scar on her chest visible through a pink protecting protect.

Eight babies out of each million square measure born along with her condition and ninety % of the eight square measure either stillborn or die at intervals the primary 3 days of life.

“I was told that it’s extremely|a awfully} rare condition which the survival rates square measure really low which if she did survive they do not understand what quite life she is going to have,” aforementioned Audrina’s mother, Ashley Cardenas, WHO learned of the baby’s condition once she was sixteen weeks pregnant. “They gave American state the choice to terminate the physiological condition, continue with the physiological condition and do one thing known as comfort care at the time of delivery, wherever rather than doing something painful to her or do surgery they allow you to pay the maximum amount time along with her till she passes, or prefer a insecure surgery to assist repair the center.

Cardenas determined to hold on with the physiological condition despite low probabilities of Audrina’s survival.

“As presently as I created my call to continue with the physiological condition, the physicians in Midland referred American state to TX Children’s Hospital wherever a team of miracle employees provided the specialised treatment and care my baby and that i each required,” she said.

“This risky operation on such associate uncommon condition needed specialists from a range of care groups as well as vas surgery, cosmetic surgery and general medical specialty surgery,” Dr. Charles D. Fraser, surgeon-in-chief at TX Children’s Hospital and prof of surgery and paediatrics at Baylor school of medication told rudiment News when Audrina’s surgery. “I have solely seen this condition a number of times in my career and these square measure perpetually terribly tough cases; indeed, several of those babies don’t survive … Audrina may be a true fighter and that we square measure thus excited that this was a decent outcome.”

“We’re not definitive concerning her prognosis, but so far, so good,” Fraser additional.

“We square measure terribly optimistic concerning the semi permanent prognosis. The baby most likely ought to have operations within the future. Her bone is concerning 0.5 fashioned however these square measure things we are able to affect.”

Ashley Cardenas expressed her feeling for the team of doctors that worked inexhaustibly to save lots of her daughter’s life.

“If it wasn’t for them and therefore the grace of God, she would not be here,” she said.



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