How Sitting Too Long Affects your Body

Muscle Weakness

Sitting for developed times of time without substituting the figure’s position can influence the muscles in the torso, neck and bears. On account of the muscles in the proposed parts of the form must be kept in a slightly settled position while sitting, the gore vessels are crushed and gore stream is diminished to these places, creating exhaustion. This muscle weakness likewise can donate to for the most part weariness and firmness.

Lowered Blood Circulation

Moreover expanding muscle weariness, the letdown gore course that goes with sitting moreover can accelerate an assemblage of different situations. Gore frequently pools in the easier legs, bringing about numbness and varicose veins.

Obesity and Risk of Fatality

Obesity has a direct link to elevated blood fats known as triglycerides, which are the main fats in the body. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods is directly related to elevated blood fats resulting in obesity. After only an hour and half of sitting down, your metabolism starts to slow down. The enzyme lipase becomes ineffective, and you are unable to metabolize fat properly. This usually increases cholesterol levels. Making a conscious choice to stand more and move a little reduce higher levels of triglycerides.

Bad Posture Increases the Risk of Chronic Back and Neck Injuries

You might not notice your improper posture when you are too busy with your work. Flipping back and forth of your uncomfortable chair is just one way to refresh yourself and your body of that stressful work so changing your sitting positions once in a while might help stimulate good blood flow but it might not be helpful in your posture. You might find yourself slouching without noticing it.

Sitting for a long time places a high amount of stress on the spine, specifically in the lower back and neck regions. Over time, sitting can result in compression of the spinal discs that leads to compromised spinal nutrition and lowered back health. Additionally, because muscles in the back and neck become tightened from pressure, sudden movements in these areas can lead to injury.

Increased Risk of Diabetes

Although sitting for too long is not a sure indicator of diabetes, it does make the sitter 26 percent more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, a condition that often leads to diabetes, according to a 2010 article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Heart problem

This is because sitting hampers smooth blood circulation in your body. If the blood does not flow properly, it will result to leap of blood pressure and it will be tougher work for the heart plus the fact that sitting promotes cholesterol in the body.

Weaken immune system

The body needs an ample amount of exercise to be healthy. The nutrients cannot smoothly flow in all parts of the body if the body is not at work. Thus resulting to weaken the immune system, sickness, and ailments.

Blood clots

As we’ve stated earlier, it requires movement for the blood to flow smoothly in the body. Sitting might cause blood clots in the lower parts of the body which is dangerous when these blood clots reach the heart and lungs.

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How Sitting Too Long Affects your Body Table of Contents Muscle WeaknessLowered Blood CirculationObesity and Risk of FatalityBad Posture Increases the Risk of Chronic Back and Neck InjuriesIncreased Risk of DiabetesHeart problemWeaken immune systemBlood clots Muscle Weakness Sitting for developed times of time without substituting the figure’s position can influence the muscles in the torso, neck and bears. On account of the […]
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