Man's carburetor is LIVER
Man's carburetor is LIVER

Yes! Without the grace of the liver we cant live. A person can even live if the brain is dead. But, one cannot survive long without a liver. It is an carburetor of human engine to purify the food,air intake.Some of the amazing functionalities are given below:

Our liver stores the iron and reserves it when you need, also a lot of vitamins and other minerals.

Liver is the largest gland in our human body. It secretes bile juice to digest your food.

It helps us to defend against the germs that go into your body all the time. It takes those cold germs, flu virus and other germs you encounter, and knock them dead – or at least weaken them.

It removes poison from the inhaled air, exhaust smoke and chemicals you breathe. It helps in clotting factor that stop bleeding when you accidentally prick yourself.

It always manufactures proteins newly that our body needs to stay healthy and helps to grow.

It detoxifies poisonous chemicals you give which includes alcohol, beer, wine and drugs as well as illegal substances for a particular level.

Liver acts as a battery by storing energy, where raw sugar (carbohydrates, glucose and fat) until you need it.

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