A 43-year-old man sitting in long flight got up for after sitting in one position for long time, before he could take few steps, he collapsed and directly went into coma, result-death

A 52-year-old woman sitting at her work desk for long time gets up and before she could walk, collapses and goes into coma, result-death.

What was the cause of their death? No, it wasn’t ‘Avada Kedavra’…. it was due to Embolism, which caused sudden block of blood supply to the brain, and the vitals. While it is a proven fact that sitting at one place for long time increases the chances of of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, some types of cancer, and even premature death. A new study has now proved another danger to the list – embolism.

So what causes this embolism? The answer is – not working out the second heart!

What? Do we have a second heart? What is it and where is it?

Anatomically the calf muscles of the leg are called as the Second Heart (or Peripheral Heart). These are the Soleus and the Gastrocnemus muscles. These are very strong and flat muscles and between these muscles is a large venous plexus that causes the venous blood to pump against gravity towards the heart.


How does it work?

When the blood reaches our legs, it is difficult for it to get back to heart through the veins due decreased venous blood pressure in the legs and due to gravity. Therefore, the veins form plexus between the Gastrocnemus and Soleus both of which are in turn attached to the Calcanious bone by the common Calcaneal tendon of Achilles. They are arranged in such a way that when we walk or move our calf, they move in a rhythmic fashion from downwards up, causing the push of blood towards the heart against gravity, ensuring a smooth circulation of blood.

The Solution: Keep working out that Second Heart.. How? – avoid sitting in one position for long time, move the calf muscles by walking, cycling or by doing some leg exercise frequently.

Good Luck!

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