Tips to energize tired eyes

1. Blink often

Blinking is extremely important when you work long hours in front of the computer because it moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. Slowly blink 10 times every 20 minutes. Blink your eyes often. Don’t look at anything continuously.

2. Cupped palm

Apply a cupped palm on your eyes to make them feel relaxed, comforts and soothes your eyes.

3. Take breaks

Get away from the monitor and take a break after a working time of 40 to 50 minutes. If you do get tired easily you should rest your eyes at shorter intervals.

4. Look at greenery

Keep a pot of plants on your desk and look it often. It makes your eyes to feel fresh.

5. Exercise your eyes

Don’t move your head but move your eyes to look

  • Left and right
  • Up and down
  • Go round clockwise
  • Go round anticlockwise

6. Wash your face with cold water

Washing with cold water at morning cures eyes strain, it also tightens the muscles around our eyes.

7. Cold Milk

Cold milk is a trusted home treatment that will relax tired eyes, giving you instant relief from the burning sensation and eye discomfort caused by staring at a computer monitor, or TV screen, or after a prolonged duration of near vision work.

Simply dip two cotton balls or cotton pads into a small bowl of icy cold milk, and squeeze out the excess milk slightly. Gently place them over your eyelids, making sure your eyes are closed.

8. Look far and close

Another good eye relaxing technique is to look far and then at a point close to you rapidly a few times.

9. Warm wash

Have a soft massage to your eyes using a clean, soft cloth dipped in luke-warm water at evening.

10. How to read

Avoid reading while lying on bed and maintain a distance of about one to one and a half feet between the eyes and your book.

11. Cucumber massage

Cucumber, with its very cooling properties, is a natural home remedy that works wonders to heal dry tired eyes.

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