Tomatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables in the earth where it can be eaten either raw or cooked. These tomatoes are encapsulated with a lot of medicinal benefits. One of the important facts is that it reduces body weight by reducing calories.

Low sodium:

Sodium triggers water retention which leads to gain more weight. Naturally tomatoes are low in sodium. This encourages us to lose weight.

Satiety feel:

Intake of tomatoes causes contentment due to its sharp and acidic taste which can overwhelm the taste buds. This satiety feel is needed to lose your weight, where this feel reduces the intake of food.

Hydration to body:

Tomatoes are rich in water, where it hydrates our body. Dehydration produces a negative impact on losing weight. In this case, tomatoes play an eminent role to keep your body to be hydrated in losing weight.

Rich in Fiber:

Tomatoes are rich in water soluble fiber named pectin which is important to our body in removing toxic fats

Burns fat:

Lycopene, a chemical component in tomatoes gives them the red colour. This lycopene burns the unwanted fat deposits in human body. They are also helpful in enhancing immune system and reduces blood pressure too.

Constraints for eating tomatoes:

  1. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and healthy for our body, but sometimes, the citric acid in it causes irritation in the throat. For such cases, taking honey with tomatoes will produce better results.
  2. People with kidney stones are strictly advised not to intake tomatoes.
  3. Avoid taking tomatoes in an empty stomach, because it makes dry cough and also disturbs the digestive system.
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