Eye was more than just a window of soul.

Our eyes are the first place for the physicians to see blood vessels and arteries without camera or the operation.

Some of the health issues revealed during an eye exam are:

Vanishing eyebrows:

Outer part of eyebrows disappear indicates Thyroid disease (underactive thyroid)

Yellow eyes:

White-of-the-eye (sclera) is yellow indicates Liver diseases such as jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis

Color confusion:

Reds and greens are unclear indicates Color blindness

Bloody eyes:

White-of-the-eye (sclera) has red spots indicates High blood pressure, Clotting disorder

Brown spots:

A bump with blood vessels, often on the lower eyelid indicates Tumour (abnormal growth which may be cancerous)

Bug eyes:

Bulging eyes with swollen eye tissue indicates Thyroid disease (hyperactive thyroid)

Bumpy yellowish patches:

Small yellow spots on the eyelid indicates High Cholesterol

Burning eyes:

Stinging in the eyes with blurred vision during computer use indicates Computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Double vision:

Seeing double images indicates Stroke (sudden), Multiple Sclerosis (neurodegeneration)

Golden brown or greenish yellow ring:

Colored ring on the cornea, surrounding the iris indicates Wilson’s disease (excess copper collects in tissues, may lead to liver disease)

Pink eye:

White-of-the-eye (sclera) is pink or light-red indicates Conjunctivitis (eye infection)

Grey or milky-white ring:

Colored ring on the cornea, surrounding the iris indicates High cholesterol and triglycerides, Increased heart attack and stroke risk.

Unable to close eye or control tears:

Often one side of the face is weak and droops indicates Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis due to dysfunctional cranial nerve)

Blood leak:

Small blood vessels in the back of the retina that leak blood can be a sign of diabetes.

Dark under-eye circles:

It can be a sign of aging, but sometimes they’re the mark of an allergy known as allergic shiners. 

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