EXERCISE TIPS FOR BRAIN to increase more concentration and memory power

Give me exercise plzzzzz....

These are some fun brain exer­cises to make our brain to increase the memory and attention power a lot. It’s been proven by the experts. It’s not too easy or too tough. Try it! And look the change inside yourself.

1. Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy. Then, the sum of your relations dates.

2. Try to name two objects to each letter of your name.

3. Wherever you are, try to find red colored objects that fit in your pocket and find blue colored objects that don’t fits in your pocket.

4. Say the days of the week back­wards, then in alpha­bet­i­cal order.

5. Say the months of the year in alpha­bet­i­cal order. Easy? Well, now try doing in reverse alpha­bet­i­cal order?