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Welcome“We strongly believe on “Our Footprint, Our Future, Our Growth”

When a new student adds to our portfolio, we understand and unleash the opportunity to educate, enlighten and engrave the knowledge and life skills thirst of students & professional community with a New Culture, Environment & Learning needs.

A Warm Welcome to the Students from Brown’s Town Community College to Texila American University

Texila American University is happy to officially welcome the new transfer students to our university campus. Three students from Brown’s Town Community College have been transferred to our University.

The news about the above three students from Brown’s Town Community College was published in the Sunday Gleaner Newspaper dated on 17th Sep 2017 during the colleges Outstanding Academic performance of the year 2016-2017.

Established in 1975, the Browns Town College is committed to being a world class institution that provides education and training of the highest quality. The College is a member of the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ), the Joint Committee for Tertiary Education (JCTE) and more.

Being South America’s renowned Medical University, Texila has been recognized among the top choice of the students who wish to Study Medicine in the Caribbean. With the gaining popularity of quality education, Texila has transformed the Lives and Career of students from 45+ countries – A commitment beyond Academics.

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Choosing your career path………

There are two important decisions a man has to take in his life, There are two important decisions a man has to take in his life,

  • The first one is to decide on his career
  • The second is to choose an appropriate life partner

It is very important to choose the appropriate career because many a time it is the career which stays longer with the person than the life partner.

However, choosing a career is very challenging and it is influenced by many factors. It is quite common for a son or a daughter to choose the same profession of their parents, where as some choose their career based on their innate skills, these are very small percentage of individuals like Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Manny Pacquiao and Sachin Tendulkar.

Many others chose a career for its prestige, the remuneration and satisfaction. If you have not chosen your career path yet, then this article might be for you.

The Harris Poll Survey (2015) finds that DOCTORS top the list of Most Prestigious Occupations with an average base salary as $ 222,000. The LinkedIn data reveals the most promising jobs in USA are the DOCTORS.

However, becoming a medical student can be a daunting prospect and one will have to worker harder than the students of other profession. Once you have decided to become a doctor, the next imminent question is how easy it is to get an admission into a quality medical school.

Countries worldwide have their own eligibility criteria to enroll and train students. Some countries like in India it is extremely difficult to get admission, approximately 1.15 million (2017) compete for a mere 63,000 seats and it is almost impossible to get admission into a medical school. It remains to be a distant dream if one does not have money or if he is not a top ranker in the country, so they choose to travel to the east or western countries for medical education depending on their financial status.

Challenges in Studying Medicine in the East and West

The main challenges in countries like China and Russia are the languages secondly the difficulty in having hands on training and thirdly they don’t permit them to practice in their respective countries.

Whereas the challenges in studying in countries like USA and UK are, it is extremely expensive where even their own students will not be able to afford unless and until they are supported by federal loans.

Off late the Caribbean countries are gaining prominence in offering medical education and the fee structure is very affordable and some of the countries like Guyana are purely English speaking nation.

What is life as medical student?

A Medical student at a renowned University, share insights into life of a medical student, states that “You will be able to use what you learn for the rest of your life”. Yes – medical profession is the one which will stay longer in your life, so go ahead and take the most prestigious and challenging profession and make your life memorable.

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If Medicine is Your Passion and Becoming a Doctor is Your Dream, Then It’s Time You Switch to Caribbean Medical Schools.

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Free Health Check Up Organised By Texila American University

The Free Healthy Service for a Healthy Life

Free Health Check Up Organised By Texila American University

Texila American University recently organized a Free Health Check-up at Princess Hotel Georgetown, Guyana on 28th July 2017.

Texila is one among the best Medical Schools conducting frequent Free Health check-ups, blood donation drives and other medical camps for better analysing the community and it issues.

Free Health Check Up Organised By Texila American University

More than 60 patients were screened for various health related issues and were treated free of charge.  Free general health check-ups, blood group testing and RH typing, were among the many tests that were organised as a part of the event.

“It was a great opportunity for us to serve the community,” shared one of the student Volunteers of Texila American University.

Various conditions including malnutrition, jaundice and other disorders were treated. The event also served as a healthcare counselling where people were given simple alternatives and first aid preventive tips and measures to protect health.

Free Health Check Up Organised By Texila American University

Dr. Anand, the Vice chancellor of Texila American University quoted that, “Healthy students can build a strong society and we focus to mould the healthcare professionals who can serve their community in the best way possible.”

By rendering selfless service to the community, Texila American University has created another stepping stone for its Success in the upcoming years.  Few more medical camps and healthcare events are in queue for the upcoming months.

Medical professions is Considered as a NOBLE Profession.
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Texila American University Organises Open House for Medical Aspirants in USA

Texila American University, one of the top-ranked Medical Schools in Guyana organises the Open House for the medical aspirants USA. As a part of the event, the prospect students will have a good opportunity to hear an overview of academic programs available as well as to learn about the full range of student support services rendered by the University.

The Open House details are as follows:

  •  Date: 24th June 2017 & 2nd July 2017
  • Venue: 33 S Wood Avenue Suite 460, Iselin, NJ 08830
  •  WhatsApp Number: +1 732 789 3446

The University Staff will be on hand to give tours, answer questions and to guide new students in the process. Special Scholarships will be provided to the students who confirm admissions at the event.

Explore More About Texila

Texila is the Only university in the world to have signed a Curriculum licensing agreement with an American Medical University for Usage of American Curriculum, and management of Clinical Rotation of Texila Students in USA.

Incepted in 2010, Texila American University has expanded its program verticals and today, TAU houses students from over 40 countries in the campus.

  • TAU offers Doctor of Medicine (MD) with the option to pursue Clinical Rotations in USA
  • The courses are trained by Internationally Certified Faculties from USA, UK, India and Australian Universities

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Dreaming of Becoming a DOCTOR?

Texila Conducts Scholarship Exam & Seminar in UAE

Texila American University, a renowned International Medical University, with its campuses in UAE, Zambia and Guyana conducts the Scholarship Exam in UAE for the aspiring students who wish to become doctors. With the huge demand for our programs in UAE, we are conducting a Scholarship Exam and Seminar in UAE to address your queries and clarifications. We, along with our Academic Advisors are here to assist and Guide you in the Enrollment Process throughout.


Event Details:
Date: 6th August 2016

Texila Education Consulting And Management Service FZE
C/O. India Trade & Exhibition Centre m.e
Office No. 106, P.O. Box 66301, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +9716 5939568

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Doctor of Medicine Admission from Best Caribbean Medical School

Texila American University, One among the best globally recognized Caribbean Medical Schools offers up to date and modern curriculum based on USA Standard. We have 200+ West African students studying with us over a span of 5 years.

The counseling sessions and on- the-spot admission for first degree and SSSC holders in relevant science subjects will be conducted on 27 June 2016 at Lodgement Hotel, Yaounde, Cameroon.

Our Representatives will assist and guide you to get direct admission for Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. Meet the team in person and address your queries to get admission.

Please come along with your certificate copies

on spot admission cameroon

Texila American University renders a quality medical education highlighted with student diversity. Our goal is to prepare students for the next level of medical training by implementing the US Standard Curriculum. Our programs are accredited WHO & IMED and approved by many governing authorities.

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Texilians Received Medical Council Registration in Nigeria …

Time to Celebrate the Achievement of our Students

Dear Students you have made us proud!

Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. Medical profession is considered a noble profession and the doctors have been always compared and equated next to God. A doctor is the only person on the earth to treat a patient irrespective of caste, creed, religion, financial status, or social status. His sole responsibility should be to remove the miseries of the suffering patients.

Here we have our proud Nigerian Students who graduated from Texila American University and cleared their Medical Council Exams (Medical and Dental Council Assessment Examination (MDCN)). They have received the licence to practice Medicine in their home country. We are proud and delighted to be a part of their noble and holistic journey as responsible “DOCTORS”.

The Students who had cleared the Screening Test were:

Registration No                                     Student Name

2012010028                                         Ugochuwuku Cyprian Nzeadi

2012010031                                          Chinedu Joseph Asiegbu

2011010041                                          Beatrice Shekwolo

2012010030                                        Bonaventure Atulomah Chidera



Texila American University is one of the rapidly growing Medical Schools in the Caribbean with students from around 40 countries. With the growing demand for medical professionals around the world, Texila caters to the most in demand medical education to the students who aspire to become doctors.

We Take this opportunity to wish our students a great Success!!!


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TAU Participates in Medical Technology Trends Seminar

On Thursday, August 28, 2015, students and staff of Texila American University (TAU) participated in a Medical Technology Trends seminar hosted by Starr Computer Inc.

Speakers of the session were Starr Computer’s President, Mr. Michael Mohan who spoke about today’s medical technology trends and their Manager, Mr. Derick Rahat who gave a brief overview of renewable energy and its role in supporting medical technology.

The President explained that persons suffering from certain diseases could benefit from medical technology, for example, photodynamic therapy could aid cancer patients, while artificial pancreases for person with diabetes, bionic eyes for the visually impaired and replacement body parts for the injured were also concrete possibilities.


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He also mentioned that there were many applications that could be used as some software allow persons to find the nearest doctor/hospital, pay hospital bills online, speak to trained doctors online, request appointments, purchase medication from pharmacies, and access insurance companies.

He noted that another interesting addition to the medical field is the “virscan blood test”, which means you can now have your viral infection history diagnosed from a single drop of blood. In certain countries, it is possible for persons to print body parts in 3D.

Other topics discussed included stem cells and stem cell research, Alzheimer’s treatment, defective organ treatment, cancer treatment, spinal cord injury treatment and juvenile diabetes treatment.


After the seminar, TAU representatives were taken on a tour of the Starr facility, and were given the opportunity to see the equipment which Starr Computer has to offer to the public.

TAU and Starr Computer plan to continue these types of collaboration efforts to increase awareness about both organizations, educate staff on topics that are relevant to them, form a better bond with each other and increase business and lead generation

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The British High Commissioner to Guyana Visits Texila American University!

On Thursday, September 17, 2015, the British High Commissioner to Guyana and Non-Resident Ambassador to Suriname, H.E. James Greg Quinn along with the Political, Press and Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Dillon Seetram paid a campus visit to Texila American University, one among the rapidly growing Medical Schools in the Caribbean.

new 4
The British High Commissioner to Guyana Visits Texila American University!

The High Commissioner met with members of the Executive Management Committee of the University comprising the Vice Chancellor – Dr. Dilip Patnaik; Vice President – Mr. Ashok Kumar; Director of Operations – Mr. Sreebalakumar; Registrar – Mr. Julius Romarate and the Dean – Dr. Sanyal Sanjoy.

The VC along with other representatives welcomed and provided an overview of the programmes, work, operations and diversity of the University.  Mention was also made of TAU’s plans for expansion at the Providence and economic contributions to Guyana.


The Director of Operations indicated that TAU currently has two (2) UK students.  He also mentioned that students from UK usually have high expectations of the campus and the country. Further, he noted that even though clinical rotations are not currently done in UK, TAU still intends to search and partner with some good UK institutions to make this offer.  Hopefully, the High Commission can support TAU in this aspect.

new 2

The High Commissioner indicated that UK currently has a Student Exchange Programme with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) whereby one UK student works with the hospital per year. Additionally, he advised that TAU boost advertising and promotion in UK region to attract more students, especially, when some knowledge and connection already exists.

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Thereafter, the VC and the High Commissioner both presented tokens to each other before touring the campus.

TAU Signed an MOU with Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Gambia

Texila American University (TAU), one among the best Caribbean Medical Schools has signed an MOU with the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Gambia, for Clinical Rotations.  TAU Offers the Doctor of Medicine Programs in its campus in Guyana.


Texila American University has signed an MOU with Edward Francis Small Teachers Hospital in Gambia so that it would be reliable for the African students to pursue       Clinical Rotations upon completion of the Pre-clinical studies.

TAU offers a great opportunity for the students to get enrolled for its Doctor of Medicine and Nursing Programs and to join the students from over 35+ countries for its various verticals.

Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (Formerly Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH)) was built in the 1890s by the British, who also provided funds for a substantial uplift in facilities in 1953 to coincide with the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This provided many of the buildings that make up the hospital today.

The main referral hospital in the country, the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, recently named after a pioneer of the struggle for self-determination and Independence. Hospital has 540 beds, clinical facilities available for the student training throughout the country. Average number of patients treated daily 648 and No. of Out-Patient Appointments is over 155,684.

The biggest two Departments are Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology (including Maternity). The hospital also provides Mental Health Services, and has an Infectious Diseases Hospital, as well as a Polyclinic that looks after the Primary Healthcare needs of most people in Banjul.