Yes! Sprinkling sugar on a wound helps it heal faster!

Sugar can help heal bedsores and other wounds when it is rubbed into it. Using sugar in wounds is a traditional African remedy and is being used in a trial at a British Hospital following a study by a Zimbabwean nurse.

Sugar and honey were used to treat the wounds of combatants thousands of years ago.

Battlefield wounds in ancient Egypt were treated with a mixture of honey and lard packed daily into the wound and covered with muslin.

Modern sugar therapy uses a combination of granulated sugar (sucrose) and povidone-iodine (PI) solution to enhance wound healing.

Sugar draws out the water that allows bacteria growth in the wound. It’s not painful, but actually reduces pain greatly. It’s also much cheaper than medicines and does the same thing.

Rubbing sugar into wounds could cure painful infections including bedsores, research shows.

The traditional African remedy is being trialled in British hospitals after a study led by a senior nurse raised in Zimbabwe.

So to continually inhibit bacterial growth, the wound is cleaned with water and repacked at least one to four times daily (or as soon as the granular sugar becomes diluted) with more solute (sugar) to “reconcentrate” the aqueous solution in the environment of the bacteria. 

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