MR.Mansour 3rd year MD student of TAU

“I am Mansour, currently in my 3rd year of the MD – Doctor of Medicine Program with Texila American University, I decided on doing my clinical rotations in Chicago, the USA by early 2015. Currently, I am in Chicago and so far, it’s been an excellent experience. In my 5th semester, I’m learning how to apply concepts learned during basic sciences to clinical practice “thanks for every class, professor and classmate has contributed to my rich education”. One of the best teaching hospitals in Chicago is where I am now busy learning the family medicine practice for experienced preceptors.

MR.Mansour 3rd year MD student of TAU

All the professors and preceptors are very experienced, friendly and approachable. As I am preparing for USMLE Step 1 with one of the best USMLE Step 1 courses provider and all the professors have been very helpful in guiding me towards performing on the exam. The curriculum in the Basic Sciences was challenging and as a student with clinical rotation experience, the Introduction to Clinical Medicine provided us a platform to learn the basic fundamentals of the clinical practice.

It is possible to excel in the USMLE Step1 and Clinical Sciences by putting in the effort and dedicating your time towards your studies and the guidance of TAU’s support services in the USA helped me to plan my clinical rotations well in advance, managing time for clinical rotations and USMLE preparation is very important to point, which I think it is one of the very valuable periods for any Medical Student in the USA.

The students, administration, faculty and student support services of TAU were more than happy to help me in achieving my milestones. I am currently in Chicago, moving closer to realizing my goal of becoming a licensed physician in the United States and reserve my place among the best doctors who came all over the world to become American board certified.

Mohammad Ali MANSOUR
3rd Year Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program
Clinical rotations in Chicago, USA

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