HAILING from 35 countries, the students of Texila American University recently celebrated their differences and the opportunities that diversity has created for students, faculty, and staff.

Last month, on December 22nd, the University hosted an Annual Cultural Evening at the National Cultural Centre, which showcased a wide range of cultural performances including classical and traditional dance, music, skit, mime, pageant show, etc. representing the traditions.

The show turned out to be a cultural extravaganza, which received wide applause and positive responses from the audience consisting of guests, parents, students and the public.

Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr. Prem Misir was the guest speaker at the event. He was among other distinguished dignitaries who distributed prizes for the toppers in academics, sports and cultural events.

The event started with the National Anthem at 17:30 hrs and by the time the programme ended, more than 25 colourful shows had been presented; shows to do with everyday life in diverse nations and the dressing styles of people in all walks of life were tastefully shown not only through dance but also their ever important pageant shows.

Texila University has celebrated 50 years of African-American achievements at the university, honouring the vast accomplishments of African- Americans over the past half-century.

A statement from the university said: “Educating students to achieve excellence requires our consistent focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, faculty and staff. ‘Welcoming to all and hostile to none’, it’s a phrase we aspire to live by on our campus.”

The university noted that creating a welcoming environment where people are open to learning from one another lays the foundation. “We grow through conversations and experiences with people who have different beliefs and come from other places, cultures, and backgrounds,” it said.

The university also indicated that “by showing respect and finding common ground, we set the stage for the free exchange of ideas and the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual curiosity.”

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